Nebulizer Steam Inhalers

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MAYLUCK Handheld Nebulizer Steam Inhalers, Mini Nebulizer Portable Nebulizer for Kids, Steam Inhaler Vaporizer Two Working Modes for Better Atomization

【Large Amount of Mist】 It creates a fine mist, the small particles are around 2-3micrometer.
【Quiet & Noiseless】The noise is less than 25dB during working, it will not wake your kids when they are sleeping sound.
【Battery/USB Cable Powered】- It is not rechargeable. It needs 2 AA batteries or connects usb cable to socket to make it work. And please don’t use the battery and USB cable at the same time.
【Pocket Size】Lightweight and portable, can be put in purse to take anywhere and used at anytime.
【Two Working Mode】It has two modes, one mode is strong, the other is weak. It can be suitable for everyone.

1 review for Nebulizer Steam Inhalers
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    I have had my fair share of nebulizers and they have all been big bulky and loud… This one is ultra quiet small it’s ran by my cord or a cigarette lighter while I’m traveling I can carry my purse and I am so happy that I will never have an asthma attack that I cannot fix again!!!!!

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