Eye Protection

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Healthcare workers are at risk for exposure to dangerous pathogens transmitted through spray or splatter generated from patient procedures and patient care activities.

2 reviews for Eye Protection
  1. admin

    Works great. I originally bought it to keep at work, but now that I’m retired I just keep it in my travel bag so I always have a meter wherever I go and I don’t have to cart around my “home” unit.

  2. admin

    I was surprised that these are actually better than your run-of-the-mill safety glasses. The plastic seems thicker and heavier (but not so heavy that they are uncomfortable). There are no sharp corners or edges — everything is round and smooth. They wrap around better than most for better side eye protection, they fit my face well, and they have a somewhat adjustable nose piece. And, to my surprise, they have small holes at the tips of the arms where you can tie in corded ear plugs.

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